HIV-WATCH is published periodically to educate on matters concerning public health and the course of the HIV epidemic, and to motivate readers to become involved in the solution.

Articles from past issues of HIV-WATCH:

Do You Have Anything to Fear From the HIV Epidemic?
Hemet School District Scraps Sex Education Programs.
Current Public Health Policy is Killing Newborn Children.
Olympic Athletes' Safety Questioned in Greg Louganis Disclosure.
One in Four Americans Will Contract Venereal Disease.
Worldwide Epidemic Spread Far Worse Than We're Being Told. Tens of Millions Infected with HIV in Africa Alone.
Interview between Dr. Stanley Monteith and Dr. Bruce Orisek
Is the Spread of Heterosexual AIDS only a Myth?
What Can You Do ?

"A Nation Deceived and Betrayed" By Stanley Monteith M.D. This is an extensive update of the myths discussed in "To Deceive a Nation: AIDS Update 1993". A Nation Deceived and Betrayed is thoroughly documented. It contains the frightening statistics on the spread of the epidemic within America and the world. Must reading for anyone hoping to protect themselves and their families from the most deadly plague ever to strike humanity.

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