Time and again the Liberal and Conservative propaganda machines in America reassure the public that the average, adult, white American has no reason to fear the HIV epidemic. (1) That statement is a half-truth - and a half-truth is no better than a lie. Admittedly the chance of contracting HIV disease is minimal if you are faithful to your spouse and your spouse is faithful to you.
However, what about other diseases? Because public health authorities have been blocked from addressing HIV disease as a communicable disease, tuberculosis is once again on the rise across our nation.
How dangerous is tuberculosis to you? Federal health authorities have demonstrated that a Continental Airline flight attendant with active tuberculosis probably infected many of the 23 tuberculin-positive crew members who flew with her on long international flights. Two crew members had tested tuberculin- negative shortly before flying with the infected attendant. Their skin tests converted to positive after the flights. Another 21 crew members had not been previously tested but were found to be tuberculin-positive after flying with the infected attendant.
Of 243 crew members who had not flown with the infected flight attendant, 5.3% tested tuberculin-positive while over 10 % of flight attendants and crew members who had flown with the infected attendant tested tuberculin-positive (23 of 212). Furthermore, 4 of 59 passengers who had flown two or more flights with the infected attendant have tested tuberculin-positive.(2).
The most amazing part of the story is that the Americans with Disabilities Act, signed into law by George Bush, contains potential threats to any employer who dares to discriminate against an employee who has a disability - including tuberculosis.(3). There is one well-documented case of a teacher with three tuberculosis-positive sputum specimens who was fired by her school district. She then sued the school district, and the school district was forced to rehire her and pay for her lost wages and court costs because the United States Supreme Court held that the teacher was being discriminated against because of her infection. It appears that only those who have deadly infections are protected under current law. The uninfected in America literally have no rights, and your health and your life are in danger in America today.

(1) Michael Fumento's "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS" states, in effect, that adult, white, promiscuous heterosexuals have little to fear from this epidemic. His views have been touted in National Review, The American Spectator, Heterodoxy, and dozens of other conservative publications. I have personally written rebuttals to Fumento's views to all three publications mentioned and have never even received the courtesy of an answer, much less the opportunity to counter Fumento's dangerous message. (2) The New York Times, Oct. 21, 1993, page A10 (3) School Board Of Nassau County, Florida, and Craig Marsh vs. Gene Arline, Supreme Court of the United States, October 1985, 85-1277