"Tornado in a Junkyard: The Relentless Myth of Darwinism" by James Perloff

WARNING: This book may change your life.

  • Why the fossil record fails to support Darwin's theory --- admitted not only by leading paleontologists, but by Darwin himself.
  • How zoologist Ernsts Haeckel defrauded generations of students by forging drawings that made human embryos look indistinguishable from those of animals.
  • Why mutations --- almost universally destructive --- cannot serve as evolution's building blocks as claimed.
  • The shocking lack of evidence for "ape-men".
  • Why chance could not create even one of the thousands of proteins required for life in Earth's so-called primordial soup.
  • How Inherit the Wind grossly misled Americans about the Scopes trial --- proven by comparison to the court transcript.
  • Why radiometric techniques are not unimpeachable dating methods.
  • How Darwinism unintentionally become the breeding ground for Hitler's racial policies.


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